Our Team

Who We Are

Who We Are

“Nippon Shokubai has a long-term approach. That is why we stand behind you as you help build the business.”

These words were how a board member described the company to me in 2019, seven years after Nippon Shokubai had entered the life science sector.
Already, the life sciences have changed incredibly. Super-aging societies are accelerating, putting pressure on the development of new modalities such as regenerative medicine. It is in this environment that the Health & Medical Business Division of Nippon Shokubai built an oligonucleotide and peptide API synthesis facility in 2019. Since then, we have accelerated the establishment of our CDMO systems, and in 2021, we made our first shipment of GMP APIs.

In just 10 years, Nippon Shokubai, a leading synthetic chemical company, has established a mass production system of oligonucleotide and peptide APIs. There are two reasons for this success.
One is the attitude of nurturing the business patiently, as stated above. The other reason is the “insatiable curiosity, inquiring minds” all our employees have. We entered this sector with limited knowledge or experience in drug discovery. However, we had confidence in our employees. I was surprised how quickly our business grew into a CDMO, built elaborate research facilities, and initiated active partnerships with academia and venture development companies.

Underlying our rapid growth is our mission of “TechnoAmenity: Providing prosperity and comfort to people and society, with our unique technology”. It is our corporate culture to develop Amenity through the power of Techno ー constantly using evolving technology to benefit people and society.

The life sciences are testing human ingenuity for a better world. Nippon Shokubai is contributing to society with this goal in mind. As a team that “creates value through technology,” we would be happy to work together as partners.

Shingo Horimoto, Ph.D.

Director of Health & Medical Business Division

Our Goal

Our Goal

Nippon Shokubai supports human health and medical care and contributes to the future of society by supplying oligonucleotide and peptide APIs.

Oligonucleotide and peptide APIs are a new modality that fill a gap caused by the limitations of low molecule and high molecule (antibody) drugs.
We provide solutions in oligonucleotide and peptide medicines and DDS markets by having established a leading GMP system in Japan, unique technologies, and a one-stop shop service system from exploratory research to clinical trials, thereby contributing to therapeutic technologies in disease areas where treatment satisfaction is low.

Our Approach


Providing a wide range of manufacturing

We have established a system suitable for exploratory research to clinical trials, which enables us to offer solutions ranging from small-scale synthesis for drug efficacy and toxicity evaluation in the drug discovery stage, to contract research on processes and testing methods for pilot manufacturing, and GMP-compliant API manufacturing for clinical trials.
Also, we offer a variety of manufacturing scales ranging from a few µg in the exploratory research stage to 500 g in the late clinical stage.

Active collaborations with promising venture companies and academia

In 2015, we formed capital and business alliances with GlyTech to begin joint manufacturing processes and joint clinical development. We also concluded a capital alliance with TAK-Circulator Corporation in 2016 and Rena Therapeutics in 2017. We have actively formed alliances with leading Japanese venture companies for the development of unique research and cutting-edge technologies.



Our experienced professionals work as a team for the success of your project.

R&D (synthesis, analysis, DDS)

  • Masayuki Utsugi

    Group Leader

  • Ryo Watabe

    Oligonucleotide Team

  • Yoshiki Mori

    Analysis Team

  • Masato Imase

    DDS & Biotechnology Team

GMP Manufacturing

  • Masahiro Shiroshima

    Group Leader

  • Hiroaki Terashi

    Manufacturing Supervisor

  • Kiyoshi Nose

    Manufacturing Unit Manager

  • Yoshimasa Yanamoto

    Quality Control Unit Manager

  • Ayumi Aisaka

    Quality Assurance Unit Manager

  • Hiromichi Tanaka

    Facilities Maintenance Unit Manager

Our History

Our History

August 2012Established Health & Medical Business Preparation Office
October 2015Started joint process development & joint clinical development with GlyTech
October 2016Built the Synthesis Laboratory at the Suita Research Center
January 2019Built a GMP facility (oligonucleotide & peptide APIs)
September 2019Started the joint commercialization project of TAKC-02 (development code) with TAK-Circulator
November 2019Made Rena Therapeutics a subsidiary
February 2020Established the Development Promotion Center (Shonan)
March 2021Shipped our first GMP lot of API
April 2021Started full-scale sales operations


  • Laboratory (Osaka)

  • GMP facility (Osaka)

  • Development Promotion Center (Shonan Health Innovation Park BW3M-2450)

Our Company

Our Company

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